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Real estate is a part of all of our lives. Whether an owner or tenant, challenges related to the property we buy, sell, or rent occur far too often.

Thankfully, J.Cutler Law can help you navigate through any of your real estate issues - including commission free real estate agent services that includes a free estate plan.

Some of our most common real estate services are listed below.

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Real Estate Agent Services


The amount of work it takes a real estate agent to buy or sell a home doesn’t change with the price of the home; so why does the amount you pay your real estate agent? We believe it shouldn’t. That’s why we offer a simple. flat price of $3,500 for all of the same services as a traditional agent, such as MLS listings, marketing, yard signs, advertising, showings, lock boxes and more!

Plus, we even offer what no other real estate agent can - a comprehensive estate plan. For free.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, it is an excellent time to create a plan to protect your estate. Upon the closing of your home, we will draft a will, trust, power of attorney, and health care directive for you and your spouse.

When compared to a traditional agent, you get a lot more for a lot less with J. Cutler Law. Traditional agents charge 6% of the home selling price, with 3% going to the seller’s agent, and 3% going to the buyer’s agent. On a $300,000 home that means the agents split over $18,000! We provide the same services as they do (plus free estate planning!) but at a fraction of the price.

See the difference for yourself.

Traditional Agent Commission vs. J Cutler Law

For a $300,000 home, the cost of a traditional agent is $9,000 compared to $3,500 for J. Cutler Law. For a million dollar home the difference is $26,500! Not to mention you get a comprehensive estate plan with J. Cutler Law at no additional cost.

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